Hi, my name is Eric Taylor and I like exploring the world for all its culinary treats.


I have been living in New Jersey for 22 years. But one of my life goals is to travel to places far away from my humble roots in Rockford, Illinois. What’s the reason behind this grand objective, you ask? To explore local foods and beverages in all their authentic glory.


This goal has taken me to places as accessible as the Florida Keys, while also giving me travel opportunities to lands as far off as Bangkok. But no matter where I make the trip, I always end up with excellent food and even more delightful memories to boot.


While my main goal is to experience these culinary offerings in all their authenticity, I also want to share them with anyone and everyone. That is the reason why I started noodlecat.com and why I put so much work into it.


Through noodlecat.com, I share my travel experiences as well as culinary tips, while also writing about food travel advice from time to time. This way, I cover my enthusiasm about gastronomy in a way that encapsulates the perspective of a die-hard foodie.


My wife thinks that my true dedication to food makes noodlecat.com an interesting read. My friends and family also tend to agree that my writing tells people about different types of cuisines in an engaging way. Some even go as far as to say that my takes on food are a combination of being unique yet fun. While I think that these opinions might be biased out of their love and kindness, I thought to share these views here so you know what you may expect with noodlecat.com.


If you are wondering where the “cat” part of noodlecat.com comes from, the answer is simple. The inspiration comes from my favorite pet, as well as my resident family member Charlie. Depending on how much you like cats, you may find this answer to be utterly delightful (I am very much hoping that you do).


In case this introduction to noodlecat.com interests you, don’t forget to bookmark the website in your browser and sign up for our official updates. I try to make frequent posts, no matter if I am traveling or staying at home. Sometimes, these updates are about different experiences in specific locations that I visited in the past. At other instances, they cover topics of my current travels and all the food that I am eating on an ongoing trip. And sometimes I will just write about things that seem relevant to me and hopefully to you as well.


Whether you are interested in learning about specific travel trips or want to discuss an engagement inquiry, don’t hesitate to contact noodlecat.com today through the contact form below. I will be glad to hear from you and share all the offerings that I have in store for you.



Eric Taylor