noodlecat: About

Photo courtesy of Edsel Little.

Noodlecat is Chef Jonathon Sawyer’s slurpalicious Japanese-American mash-up. Inspired by Tokyo noodle worship and New York City noodle houses, Noodlecat recreates traditionally inspired flavors using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients following sustainable business practices in all areas of restaurant operation.

Our noodles are specially crafted by Ohio City Pasta following our co-developed recipes, including ramen, udon and soba. Signature noodle preparations include: Old School (traditions that can be traced back a century or more) such as the Chilled Seaweed Soba Salad which is served minimally and simply the way Edo period Japanese would have enjoyed it; Modern (made popular in Tokyo over the past fifty years or so) such as the Tempura Soba Dori which is soba style of the street vendor that is most commonly served as breakfast for the Tsukiji fishmongers; and Mash-Up (from the mind’s eye of Japan but mashed with local and non-traditional ingredients) such as College Ramen and Ohio Smoked Beef Brisket Ramen.

Noodlecat is very conscious about diner’s individual dietary needs and offers many vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan and gluten free options. In addition to noodles, Noodlecat has a vast selection of sake, craft brewed beer and tea.